Course Request Registration Form


Course Substitutions 

The coursework requirements for completing the Civil Engineering program are shown here:,195,272,37

 Note that substitutions for any of the courses listed are not permitted, except with the explicit approval of your respective Third or Fourth Year Advisor.  Such approvals are normally granted only for students participating in exchange programs.  To secure such an approval, please e-mail your request to the Advisor, providing the course number and title of the course that would be replaced, and the course number, title, institution and description of the proposed course to be taken, along with a short rationale.

This online form is for students who wish to take CIVL Undergraduate Courses only

Processing Times:

Core: Registration requests will be processed as soon as possible (this can take up to 5 working days depending on request volume).  Students are guaranteed admission into CORE courses provided all pre-requisites have been completed.

Elective: Registration requests will be processed in August for term 1 courses, and in December for term 2 courses. Admission is not guaranteed for ELECTIVE course requests.

Constrained Electives: Registration requests will be processed in August for term 1 courses, and in December for term 2 courses. Admission is not guaranteed for ELECTIVE course requests

Course Conflict:

Registration in courses that result in timetable conflicts require the approval of each instructor and your faculty advisor. Please complete the required Course Conflict Form - form requires signatures of both instructors. Please submit your completed/signed form to Applied Science Engineering Student Services (KAIS 1100D).

Registration Process:

As an engineering student, you will register first using a Standard Timetable (STT). Each STT includes most of the core courses required for your program.

  • Core: You will be automatically registered if you meet the course pre-requisites. However, if you do not meet the course pre-requisites, in order to be registered, please provide your rationale in the comment box below.
  • Elective: You must first attempt to register via SSC. If you are not able to register into a CIVL ELECTIVE, please complete the form below.
  • Constrained Electives: (a required course where a choice is offered by various departments, i.e. 1 of 3), please complete the form below.
  • Non-CIVL:  please contact the respective department directly to resolve any registration issue(s)
  • Please note there are a few CORE courses that students must register for individually (see table below for CIVL core).

Second Year

MATH 253 

MATH 256

STAT 251 

Fourth Year

Complementary Studies Elective (3cr)
Technical Electives (15cr)

Enrolment of Undergraduate Students in Graduate Courses:


  • Students must have completed at least 75% (normally equivalent to 36 credits) of the 300 and 400 level courses required for their bachelor degree, and must have a minimum overall average of 76% (B+) in their completed 300 and 400 level courses.
  • Students must have the academic preparation to complete the graduate course and must have completed any necessary course pre-requisites.

To register for a graduate course, please visit the following site: Enrolment of Undergraduate Students in Graduate Courses

Graduate Students:

Please note Graduate students are allowed only 6 credits of undergraduate coursework to be used towards completion of their graduate program. Graduate students should discuss any undergraduate courses with their supervisor or specialty advisor before requesting registration.

Only 1 course request per submission:

If your registration issue does not comply with any of the above choices, please give a brief description as to why.
For lab or section switches please include details.