Transportation Engineering

Photo Credit: C. Bazett

Research Activities

Transportation Engineering research is a well-established component of Civil Engineering research and plays an important role in the program. Graduate students, who are the most vital part of this research program, may find employment as research assistants while working towards their degrees.

The Department’s research program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of Transportation Engineering research, and at the same time encourages concentrated research in specific areas. The main research areas are: road safety, transportation planning, and intelligent transportation systems. Current projects are in road safety, truck impact, transportation system simulation, traffic engineering, transportation demand and forecasting, environmental impact of transportation, and intelligent transportation systems.

The Transportation Group has an active research program with the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways in highway engineering and highway safety. There are also cooperative efforts with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. The Group is a partner in a vehicle testing facility operated by the Pacific Education Training Centre.

For more information on Transportation Engineering studies, please contact Dr. Tarek Sayed.