Transportation Engineering

Driving simulator

The 20 square metres UBC Drivers Simulation Laboratory houses a fixed-base, high fidelity driving simulator with an iDrive mock-up of a Hyundai passenger car cabin, and five, 32” LCD flat screen televisions providing a 200 degree horizontal field of view. Using the suite of software provided by Oktal, customized driving scenarios are created and real-time interactive simulations are run. This driving simulator was designed specifically for studying the impact of design elements and operational strategies on the behaviour of drivers and the performance of transportation facilities.

The Bureau for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Freight Security (BITSAFS) office space and lab occupies 68 square metres that supports three functions:  office space for employees and graduate research assistants; a laboratory section for the testing and analysis of ITS-related equipment and methods; and a central area for meetings and lectures. There are 8 PC workstations used by the members of BITSAFS, of which one is designated for the work of the ITS lab. Supporting the workstation are a multi-function laser printer/copier/scanner and a colour laser printer. An 2.5 m long conference table with seating for 8, and an overhead data projector and screen provide a professional environment for meetings with clients, staff, and students.