Materials Engineering

Photo Credit: L. Tourand

Research Activities

The general emphasis of research in the Materials program is on the relationship between the structure and the mechanical properties of Civil Engineering materials, especially portland cement and concrete, timber, and composites. Some more specific topics of current and planned research include the following: mechanical properties and durability of portland cement concrete (plain and fibre-reinforced); permeability of portland cement concrete; shotcrete (wet and dry processes); shrinkage, cracking and durability; impact/blast resistance of concrete and fiber reinforced concrete; fracture and deformation of wood; use of fiber reinforced plastic composites for new construction and repair, and use of recycled materials in concrete. ForĀ  more information on Material Engineering studies, please contact, Dr. Nemy Banthia.

For more information on SIERA (Sustainable InfrastructurE ReseArch) - working on the improvement of sustainability, repair and condition assessment of construction material, please click on the link below: