Hydrotechnical Engineering

Photo Credit: B. Laval

Research Activities

Examples of current research are:

  • theoretical, numerical, laboratory and field investigations of the movement of nutrients and pollutants in lakes, inland and coastal waters;
  • flow instabilities, turbulence, and mixing in density stratified flows;
  • sediment transport in rivers and tailings ponds;
  • hydrologic modelling for flood control planning and management studies;
  • river restoration;
  • urban hydrology;
  • application of optimization techniques and decision analysis to hydraulic design, the operation of multi-purpose reservoirs, lake water and river quality problems, fishery management and the design of water resource systems;
  • development of basin planning methods;
  • hydrologic data gathering network design;
  • wave damping and diffraction and wave induced loading of structures.

For more information on Hydrotechnical Engineering studies, please contact Dr. Gregory Lawrence.