Resistance to sulfate attack and underwater abrasion of fiber reinforced cement mortar

TitleResistance to sulfate attack and underwater abrasion of fiber reinforced cement mortar
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWongprachum, W, Sappakittipakorn, M, Sukontasukkul, P, Chindaprasirt, P, Banthia, N
JournalConstruction and Building Materials
Start Page686
Date Published11/2018
AbstractThis research was conducted to study the combined effect of sulfate attack and underwater abrasion on fiber reinforced cement mortar. Compared to plain mortar mix, cement mortars reinforced with three types of fiber, i.e. steel fibers, polypropylene fibers, and micro polypropylene fibers were investigated. Each fibers was used individually and the micro polypropylene was additionally hybridized with steel and polypropylene fibers. Test specimens were prepared as per ASTM C1138. Their abrasion resistance were examined after submersed in 5% sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) solution for 4 and 8 months. The experimental results showed that the Na2SO4 solution increased the weight loss of all specimens. The longer the period of submersion, the higher the weight loss. In the specimens reinforced with fibers, the abrasion resistance was enhanced. The highest resistance was found in the mortar mixed with the polypropylene fiber at 1% volume fraction. Moreover, in abrasion resistance point of view, the addition of micro polypropylene fiber had little or no benefit.
Materials Engineering