Department Safety Orientation Quiz

All employees must receive appropriate training and orientation in the hazards of their work sites and the procedures that must be followed to safely perform their work. The University’s Safety Policy #7 requires that administrative heads of units ensure that all persons working or studying within their unit are trained in and follow all environmental and safety procedures. You are required to view the HSE Orientation and complete the online Department Safety Orientation Quiz  (please click on the button below). The HSE Orientation can be found on the page of the online Department Safety Orientation Quiz.

By completing this quiz and submitting it online I acknowledge the following:

  1. That the information presented here is only the beginning of my training and that I will not use equipment or perform tasks without adequate instructions
  2. That  the laboratories, shops and construction sites are inherently dangerous places and due care and attention are required for my own safety and for the safety of others
  3. That I have the right to refuse to use equipment or perform a task that I have reason to believe is unsafe. I will report unsafe conditions to staff
  4. That staff may suspend my Shop or Lab privileges for none compliance