Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 17:00

Fast+Epp ArchEng Design Competition Launch

FAST+EPP ArchEng Design Competition


The intent of this competition is to foster collaborative design between engineering and architectural students. In the design world, although these two disciplines work together with the same end goal, they often want to take different paths towards that goal, each with it own agenda.To achieve a successful project in today’s challenging building environment eveyone on the team must pull together. Likewise, with this project students are required to collaborate across disciplines, learning valuable skills about collaboration at an early stage.

Submission Requirements

Your submission should consist of two 11x17 pages of images and one to two typed pages explaining the thinking behind the design. The drawings should contain at minimum a plan, section and elevation sufficient to describe the project. Conceptual and/or final sketches and images may be included to explain the relationship of the design to site and/or cultural context.


The competition is open to all students registered at UBC. Each team should be collaborative. For assistance, or to be placed on a team, please see contacts on this outline.


Cash prizes will be awarded and the winners will be featured on the Fast + Epp website:

Ist Prize of $1000
2nd Prize of $350

You can get more information at the upcoming October 6th (5pm PST) Launch & Information Session.

Register for the Launch & Information session by sending an email to expressing your interest.