Dr. Nemy Banthia’s new pavement product set to revolutionize road construction

Monday, March 16, 2020 | By Tiffany Kanda Kanda

Dr. Nemy Banthia, a professor in UBC’s Department of Civil Engineering as well as IC-Impacts CEO, was recently highlighted in Business in Vancouver for his research on road transportation infrastructure. Dr. Banthia’s innovated pavement material was first used in the rural Indian village of Thondebhavi five years ago. What makes this material so special is its “unique inclusion of fibres that allow for the pavement to be very thin, which [reduces] its cost compared [to] conventional concrete.” Additionally, the material is long lasting and extremely durable; the road in Thondebhavi has triumphantly prevailed through five monsoon seasons. With a focus on sustainability, the road is comprised of sixty percent ash, which is a byproduct of local thermal power plants. According to Dr. Banthia, it takes time to gain the industry’s confidence in a new technology. However, his innovative pavement material has accomplished this with two more projects in India scheduled to be completed this summer.

Dr. Banthia has also introduced this new product in the Canadian market with a few adjustments to the material. He has modified the properties to handle the colder climate in Canada, added cellulose fibres with advanced self-repairing capability and included scraps of tire fibres to improve overall durability. Dr. Banthia is excited about the new additions to the material properties due to the “low carbon footprint, lower maintenance costs and high sustainability.” This new version of the pavement material is currently being tested in a parking lot in Chawathil First Nation near Hope.

To read the full Business in Vancouver article, click here.

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