Tuesday, July 21, 2015 (All day) to Friday, July 24, 2015 (All day)

11th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering

11th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering Facing Seismic Risk

Civil Professor Carlos Ventura invites both students and professionals to 11CCEE, to engage in Facing Seismic Risk together. Registration now open.

The west coast of British Columbia is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the most earthquake prone regions in the world. We are at the collision of two of the largest tectonic plates on the planet. The risks of a major damaging earthquake along BC’s west coast are greater than anywhere else in Canada as we face seismic hazards from four distinct sources. Shallow crustal and deeper sub-crustal events are our most frequent occurrences along with regular events from the Queen Charlotte transform fault. We are also facing the next mega-thrust from the Cascadia Subduction Zone which can cause a subduction earthquake as powerful as those that recently struck Chile and Japan with the attendant tsunami. These earthquakes could potentially cause severe damage and loss of life.

The focus of the 11th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering is on identifying the risks we are facing, sharing the latest research and advances in seismic engineering and knowledge and encouraging and facilitating engineering practice that will enable us to prepare, protect, mitigate and recover. Please join us in beautiful Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, located on Vancouver Island. Experience nature and networking, engage with colleagues and locals, and leave feeling inspired and informed.