Exchange Programs

Students may spend a term at another university on an exchange program in one of three ways:

  • Through Go Global, see here
  • Through the Coordinated International Experience (CIE), see here
  • By arranging this directly, and securing a Letter of Permission from Engineering Student Services

For general information on securing transfer credits from an exchange program towards your BASc degree, see here

The Department of Civil Engineering is not involved in administrative arrangements relating to exchange programs, including travel arrangements, living arrangements, fees, registration in the university visited, and registration in the courses taken.  However, the Department must approve all transfer credits towards your BASc program based on courses taken during an exchange.

You are advised to secure this approval BEFORE embarking on the exchange, so that you do not inadvertently take courses for which transfer credit will not be granted.  If you intend to participate through CIE, then the CIE office will assure that your proposed courses are suitably recognized and approved for transfer credit.  However, if you intend to participate through Go Global or by direct arrangements, then please complete the transfer credit form available here, and discuss this with the undergraduate advisor.