Visiting Graduate Students

Non-degree applicants

Under various circumstances, students who are not registered in, or applying to, the Department's MEng, MASc or PhD programs may participate in the Department's research activities and/or enroll in Civil Engineering graduate courses.  These include visiting scholars, visiting students, unclassified students, and UBC graduate students registered in programs outside Civil Engineering.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are graduate students from another university who require an internship or research experience at UBC prior to completion of their degree. The student must be currently registered and in good standing at a recognized university. The work period forms part of the practical training requirements at their home institution.  During the appointment time, visiting scholars will assist with research projects done by faculty members. All Visiting scholars must be registered at UBC as a Visiting International Research Student (VIRS). 

Eligibility for Admissions

  • A plan to conduct research only at UBC for 1-12 months.
  • Home supervisor approval of research activity at UBC.
  • Host UBC supervisor approval (UBC faculty member who has agreed to act as supervisor throughout the research period at UBC).
  • Prior approval of the home university or sponsoring program.
  • Prior approval of the UBC Department Head for the unit or laboratory with which the visiting research student will be affiliated.

For more information please visit: Go Global - Visiting International Research Student (VIRS)

Visiting Students 

Visiting Students are registered in graduate degree programs at other universities who attend UBC to take courses or conduct research as part of meeting requirements for a graduate degree. Such students need to be registered in the MASc or PhD degrees at their home university. [MEng students should instead register as unclassified students as indicated below.]
Potential visiting students should apply through the relevant method as provided below:

Students from Canadian Universities

Students from International Universities

Unclassified Students

Unclassified Students are students who have completed a Bachelor's degree and who wish to register in selected courses at UBC.

Note:  An MEng student from another university who wishes to register in selected UBC courses for transfer credit to the home university should register as unclassified student.

Potential unclassified students should apply here.

Prospective unclassified students who intend to register in graduate courses in Civil Engineering should be aware of the following requirements:

  • Registration in one or more Civil Engineering courses is not assured and requires the approval of each instructor as well as the Graduate Advisor.
  • Unclassified students may register in no more than 12 credits of Civil Engineering courses overall.
  • Unclassified students who intend to improve qualifications with respect to a subsequent application to one of the Department's programs should first obtain written confirmation from the Department of such requirements prior to registering in courses.
  • Unclassified students who intend to apply courses taken for transfer credit to a subsequent graduate program in the Department should be aware of the Department's transfer credit requirements. These allow students to transfer no more than 12 credits of coursework; the courses cannot have been used to satisfy the requirements of another credential; they cannot have been used as a basis for admission to the current program; they must have been taken within five years of admission to the current program; and a standing of a least 74% must be obtained in the relevant courses.

UBC Students External to the Department

UBC graduate students who are not registered in the Department's MEng, MASc or PhD programs should be aware that they may register in no more of 12 credits of Civil Engineering courses.