In addition to the information provided below, the sites www.civil.ubc.ca and www.grad.ubc.ca contain a comprehensive range of relevant information.

Do I need to contact a research supervisor before I apply for MASc/PhD?

While you may certainly do so, it is not necessary to contact a supervisor before submitting an application.

How do I apply for funding?

Please see the funding page here. We do not provided funding support for MEng students (although MEng students may apply for Teaching Assistantships / marker positions). For incoming MASc students, you may be offered a Graduate Assistantship or may be able to secure an external scholarship. All PhD students are assured of a minimum funding package of $22,000 per year for four years. Once admitted to the program you may have the opportunity to apply for funding, as outlined on the web-page indicated above.

Can I apply directly to the Ph.D from my bachelor degree?

No, if you do not already have a master’s degree we require that you apply for the MASc program. Once you are admitted to this program it may be possible to transfer to the PhD program with the support of your supervisor.

My undergraduate degree is not in Civil Engineering, can I still apply?

Applicants with a degree that is not in Civil Engineering should be aware that, at the time that a recommendation for admission is made, the Speciality Advisor / Research Supervisor will be requested to provide a justification regarding the suitability of the applicant for pursuing a graduate degree in civil engineering. However, affected students should not communicate with the relevant Specialty Advisor / Research Supervisor regarding this justification, unless invited to do so; instead, they may write to grad-applications@civil.ubc.ca, providing whatever justification is considered to be relevant.

My previous degree has not yet been conferred because I am still attending university, but I plan on finishing soon. Can I still apply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply. Please upload your most up-to-date transcript. If you are successful in your application and recommended for admission you will receive a conditional offer letter; you must then submit two copies of the official completed transcripts.

How do I apply if I am a current UBC Master's student?

The graduate admission process (including deadlines) is the same for all applicants, including current UBC students.

I applied to UBC  Okanagan, can I use the same application for UBC Vancouver?

No, UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan are two different applications. If you wish to apply to both then you need to submit two applications and pay two application fees.

When will I hear a decision on my application?

We strive to convey the outcome of all applications by April 30.

For more FAQ's please visit the graduate and postdoctoral website here