CIVL 235 Requirements

Please note:  We are now able to confirm that CIVL 235 will be delivered online in August 2020.  Therefore, you should NOT relocate to the UBC campus in order to participate in this course.  However, online attendance at the times indicated for this course (see below) is mandatory – regardless of the time zone in which you are located.  An announcement regarding computer and related requirements for your participation in this course will be confirmed on this website as soon as these have been determined.

CIVL 235, Plane Surveying, which is a core (compulsory) course of the Civil Engineering program, normally commences at the end of second year, immediately after spring examinations, and it continues full time for two weeks, including Saturdays. For 2020, the course has been postponed so as to run full-time from Monday, August 24 to Friday, September 4, inclusive – including Saturday, August 29, but excluding Sunday, August 30. The final examination for the course will take place on Friday, September 4. Please note that this course will appear on your academic record as a 2020 – 2021 Winter Session Term 1 course

Please note that, if you had been registered to complete the course in May 2020, then your registration has automatically been transferred to the course to be delivered in August 2020. In the event that you are unable to attend in August 2020, you have the option of taking the course instead in May 2021. The deadline for doing so is August 1, 2020. [You will need to de-register from the course for August 2020 and re-register for May 2021.] Please note that this course is not a prerequisite for other courses in the Civil Engineering program, but must be completed prior to graduation. Further information on the scheduling and arrangements for this course will be provided on this website, as soon as these have been determined.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact