Civil Engineering Awards & Scholarships and Undergraduate Funding Opportunities

Civil Engineering Awards & Scholarships

Civil Engineering students will be considered for a variety of awards and scholarships each year. Students are assessed on criteria specific to each award, which is commonly:

  1. Students with the top academic averages in the program
  2. Activities demonstrating leadership
  3. Community service.

Applications are not necessary. You will be informed by the department if you are being nominated for an award and if further documentation is required to support that nomination. For more information, visit UBC Scholarships & Awards. Additional information can also be found on UBC Engineering Student Services Professional Development.

2018-2019 CPCI Scholarship Program for Civil Engineering Students

One $1,500 (CDN) scholarship is available through each of the six CPCI Regional Chapters (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes) for Civil Engineering or Civil Technology students entering their final year of study in September 2018.

This scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in a third year bachelor’s program, in Civil Engineering at an accredited university program, proceeding in good standing into fourth year, by the summer of 2018. The scholarship is also open to students enrolled in their final year of Civil Technology at an accredited college.

Funding & Employment Opportunities

The Department of Civil Engineering is committed to supporting research by undergraduate students in all academic disciplines. A number of resources are available to support student research and related opportunities.