Academic Advising

Your key contacts for academic advising and related administrative processing are as follows:

  • Specialty Advisor – see contact details below
    • MEng students – for coursework advising and approvals
    • MASc and PhD students – for coursework advising and approvals prior to research supervisor being identified
  • Research Supervisor (MASc and PhD students)
    • For coursework advising and approvals and all aspects of the research thesis
  • Dr. Taiebat, Graduate Advisor
    • For issues that cannot be resolved with your Specialty Advisor or Research  Supervisor
    • Please submit all requests requiring Graduate Advisor approval to Graduate Support and not to Dr. Taiebat directly.   [In turn, he is contacted by Graduate Support after administrative pre-screening.]
  • Kevin Veltheer, Graduate Support,, CEME 2005
    • Submission of all forms, all administrative requests, and all Graduate Advisor approval requests, whether directed to Dr. Taiebat or otherwise.  Please do not submit any such requests directly to Dr. Taiebat.
  • Chris Gorczynski, Manager Student Services,, CEME 2005
    • For administrative issues that cannot be resolved with Graduate Support

Course Planning

You are advised to establish and maintain a coursework plan to assure your timely completion of all coursework requirements.  In order to do so, download a coursework plan form here.  Please bring your updated plan with you whenever you meet your advisor.

Academic Accommodation and Academic Concession

Students facing academic difficulties with respect to completion of courses and to progress in the program may be able to rely on two kinds of approach and associated resources as follows:

  • Academic Accommodation.  Students with a disability may apply for academic accommodation through the Centre for Accessibility.
  • Academic Concession.  Otherwise, students may be able to be granted academic concession under certain circumstances.  See the Department's corresponding statement here.