Visiting Graduate Students

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are graduate students from another university who require an internship or research experience at UBC prior to completion of their degree. The student must be currently registered and in good standing at a recognized university. The work period forms part of the practical training requirements at their home institution.  During the appointment time, visiting scholars will assist with research projects done by faculty members. All Visiting scholars must be registered at UBC as a Visiting International Research Student (VIRS). 

Eligibility for Admissions

  • A plan to conduct research only at UBC for one month or longer (maximum 12-months)
  • Home supervisor approval of research activity at UBC
  • Host UBC supervisor approval (UBC faculty member who has agreed to act as supervisor through research period at UBC)
  • Prior approval of the home university or sponsoring program
  • Prior approval of the UBC Department Head for the unit or laboratory with which the visiting research student will be affiliated.

For more information please visit: Go Global - Visiting International Research Student (VIRS)

Regular Visiting Students & Exchange Agreements

Visitors registered in graduate degree programs at Canadian and International universities, may still apply to come to UBC as a regular visiting graduate student to take courses or conduct research as part of meeting requirements for a graduate degree.

Visitors from Canadian Universities

Visitors from International Universities