Master of Engineering (MEng)

The Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) program is suited to students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in a non-thesis based research program. Information on course administration and policies can be found on the MEng – Policies and Procedures

UBC Regulations and Policies

It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of the Academic Calendar and have a full understanding of the Regulations in it, including the Statement on Academic Freedom.

Conduct of faculty, staff and students is governed by a number of University Policy Statements that can be found at: Index of All Policies, Guidelines and Rules. Students are expected to have a full understanding of these policies; giving particular attention to: Policy 85 - Scholarly IntegrityPolicy 87 - ResearchPolicy 88 - Patents and LicensingPolicy 97 - Conflict of Interest.

Financial Aid

Students in the M.Eng. Program are not eligible for awards or financial aid administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. For more information, please visit MEng Policies on Awards.


Coursework requirements specific to each area of specialization may be found in Areas of Specialization.

The M.Eng. Program requires completion of at least 30 credits of coursework beyond the Bachelor’s degree level. Students are required to obtain approval of their course selection from their Specialty Advisor.


500 Level

A minimum of 24 credits of graduate 500 level courses, at least 12 of which must be in Civil Engineering (CIVL 5xx).

Directed Studies
(CIVL 592)

A maximum of 6 credits may be taken as Directed Studies (CIVL 592). For more information on registering for a Directed Studies course please contact Graduate Student Support in the Department of Civil Engineering. A maximum of 6 credits total may be taken of CIVL 592 plus CIVL 596 without advance permission by the Specialty Advisor and the Graduate Advisor. 

M.Eng. Project
(CIVL 596)

Some specialty groups may require a project to be completed in partial fulfillment of the degree requirements, often in addition to the 30 credits of required coursework. M.Eng. students who are required to take such CIVL 596 projects must have their project and their intended program of coursework approved by the Specialty Advisor for the area of specialization.

Topics in Civil Engineering
(CiVL 598)

maximum of 6 credits may be taken as Topics in Civil Engineering (CIVL 598) i.e, courses that are not yet approved as regular CIVL courses.

300 or 400 Level

A maximum of 6 credits of undergraduate 300 or 400 level courses may be taken.

100 or 200 Level

100/200 level courses may not be used for M.Eng. program credit. If remedial or prerequisite coursework is required at the 100/200 level, register for it as an Unclassified Student or as an Auditor: the different registration status is important because the course is not considered in the GPA for the M.Eng. program.

CIVL 597 Seminar

All full-time M.Eng. students are required to register and attend CIVL 597 Graduate Seminar series (1 credit) in the chosen area of specialization (if offered).


A minimum grade of 68% is required in each course used for credit. However, a maximum of 6 credits of coursework with a grade between 60 and 67% may be accepted for M.Eng. credit, if the candidate has an average of greater than or equal to 68% in all coursework. Supplemental examinations are not granted to graduate students: a course in which a grade of less than 60% is obtained may be repeated for a higher standing, subject to the approval of the Faculty of Applied Science.

Degree Application

Upon completing the program requirements, a M.Eng. candidate must apply for graduation by submitting an application through the Student Service Centre.

Immediately thereafter, please inform the Graduate Secretary in Civil Engineering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are responsible for ensuring that their program registration is complete, that all fees have been paid and that they meet all course requirements for the degree and program. If you have any questions of clarification please contact the Civil Engineering Graduate Secretary.